Om Symbol Necklace with Chakra Gemstones




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Well known by all yoga practitioners, this large pendant is the Om symbol (see info below)

I have added large wire wrapped gemstone beads in the seven Chakra colors.

Total length of the necklace is 48cm or 19", all metal is solid stainless steel.

The seven Chakras and their gemstones:

1 - Red Garnet - (Survival, Instinct, Security, Grounding)
2 - Carnelian - (Emotions, Intimacy)
3 - Lemon Jade - (Energy, Vitality, Power)
4 - Aventurine - (Love, Hope, Compassion)
5 - Sodalite - (Communication, Creativity, Healing)
6 - Amethyst - (Intuition, Psychic)
7 - Clear Quartz (wisdom and understanding).

The Om symbol in Yoga

In the practices of Yoga we find that the symbol and sound of Om can be used as a technique to bring greater clarity into the mind. Like in Hinduism, it is considered a representation of the divine higher consciousness called Isvara, a source of unfailing wisdom and clarity, which we can tap into through reciting the sacred sound - Om. The practice of seeking guidance and wisdom of the higher or deeper, whatever that means to you, is called Isvarapranidhana, using the mantra Om is one of the many ways to do this.

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