Tree of Life Necklace with Gemstones in Chakra Colours



Tree of Life Necklace with gemstones in chakra colours.

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I used a very detailed, heavy tree of life pendant and attached it to a line of gemstones, corresponding to the 7 chakra colours.

The gemstones are high quality smooth rondelle beads.

The pendant is threaded onto a classic, solid stainless steel trace chain.

Total length of the chain is 50cm, total length of the pendant is 7.5 cm, the diameter of the tree of life pendant measures 25mm.

All gemstones are genuine and all metal is entirely solid stainless steel.


The seven Chakras and their gemstones:

1 - Black Onyx - (Survival, Instinct, Security, Grounding)

2 - Carnelian - (Emotions, Intimacy)

3 - Yellow Honey Jade - (Energy, Vitality, Power)

4 - Aventurine - (Love, Hope, Compassion)

5 - Lapis Lazuli - (Communication, Creativity, Healing)

6 - Amethyst - (Intuition, Psychic)

7 - Clear Quartz (Wisdom and Understanding).

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