Vitruvian Man Necklace with Sodalite and Hessonite Garnet




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This two strand necklace is made with one strand of sodalite coin shaped beads and one strand of hessonite garnet rectangles. All gemstones are rustic in shape, finish and quality. They are natural in colour and I used tiny brass beads as spacer between the sodalite beads.

The 'Vitruvian Man' pendant is attached to the garnet necklace and both strands connect via a lobster claw clasp.

Total length of the necklace is 43cm, diameter of the pendant is 2cm.

All metal is antique bronze finished.

The ‘Vitruvian Man’ is a drawing by Leonardo da Vinci, made around 1490. The drawing depicts a man in two superimposed positions. The drawing is sometimes called ‘Proportions of Man’. It is based on the correlations of ideal human proportions with geometry described by the ancient Roman architect Vitruvius. Leonardo’s drawing is named in honor of the architect.

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