Sold Item Gallery - most pieces can be re-created

  1. Initial Necklace with November Birthstone Citrine

    Custom Order

  2. Rhodonite and Sapphire Earrings E1504

  3. Fluorite Necklace with Flower Pendant, N1755

  4. White and Gold Flower Earrings, E1572

  5. Czech Flower Cluster Earrings, E1754

  6. Large Aventurine Leaf Necklace with Amazonite, Rhodonite and Pearls

  7. Rose Necklace with Angelite

  8. Mystic Blue Quartz Earrings

  9. Pyrite Flower and Pink Sapphire Leaf Necklace

  10. Amethyst Heart Hoop Earrings, Sterling

  11. Large Rock Quartz and Bird Necklace

  12. Wire Wrapped and Beaded Cross Pendant

  13. Chunky Quartz Bracelet and Earrings

  14. Labradorite Necklace

  15. Wire Wrapped Apatite Earrings

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