Tree of Life Necklace with Gemstones




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This is one of my larger tree of life necklaces. The tree pendant measures 3.5cm in diameter.

The pendant is topped with the following gemstones: amethyst, citrine, aventurine. black onyx, jasper and yellow jade.

The classic ball chain measures 50cm, 20" in length.

All metal is silver finished.

'Wikipedia' offers this information about the 'tree of life':

"The concept of a many-branched tree illustrating the idea that all life on earth is related has been used in science, religion, philosophy, mythology and other areas. A tree of life is variously,

a) a mystical concept alluding to the interconnectedness of all life on our planet,

b) a metaphor for common descent in the evolutionary sense, and

c) a motif in various world theologies, mythologies and philosophies."

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