Ametrine, Amethyst and Citrine Necklace




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This long necklace offers several option on how you can wear it.
It is like a long scarf - you can wear it long or wrap around the neck twice. Leave one side longer or have them both the same length - entirely up to you.

The long cable type chain is made out of solid stainless steel for durability.

One length sports a little knot-link which suspends a fantastic large, micro faceted ametrine drop. Ametrine is the natural mix of amethyst and citrine, resulting in a softer purple gemstone with a warmer, yellow tinge.

The other length sports a small shield-like link suspending both a wire wrapped amethyst and citrine.

All 3 gemstones are also wire wrapped with thinner stainless steel wire, the connecting links are hand-cast here in Australia from premium quality pewter.

Total length of the necklace is 98cm.

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