Chakra Gemstone Necklace, Hammered Flower Pendant




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This is  substantial necklace.

All 7 chakra gemstones are good sized (12mm or 1/2 inch), 6 are smooth, the amethyst is faceted.

The seven Chakras and their gemstones

1 - Red Garnet - (Survival, Instinct, Security, Grounding)

2 - Carnelian - (Emotions, Intimacy)

3 - Citrine - (Energy, Vitality, Power)

4 - Aventurine - (Love, Hope, Compassion)

5 - Sodalite - (Communication, Creativity, Healing)

6 - Amethyst - (Intuition, Psychic)

7 - Clear Quartz (wisdom and understanding).

I have added a hammered, golden brass flower to the pendant and suspended the lot from a durable cable necklace.

Total length of the necklace is 50cm or 20", the pendant measures 13cm or 5". All metal is solid brass.

For more chakra jewellery.

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