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These labradorite earrings display eye-catching shiny labradorite drops. They have gorgeous blue shimmer (difficult to take photos of) and I wire wrapped them to handmade, over-sized ear wires.

The ear wires are embellished with wire wrapping.

Total length is 4cm and all metal is solid copper which I polished and then sealed with non-toxic jewellery lacquer to preserve the finish. the earrings will come with clear rubber stoppers to prevent loss.

Please note: Labradorite and Moonstone show their spectacular color only from certain angles. This is the nature of the stone. From other angles, the stone will just show the basic gray or white and no flash. I always try to show the flash in my first photo, but please have a look at all photos to get the right idea about the stone. The value of each stone is a good indication of the amount of flash it has.

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