Rhodonite, Black Onyx and Lava Stone Lariat, Sterling Silver




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150 cm in pink, black and silver - this is it! The ultimate pink signature lariat. That's 60 inches of fabulous gemstones.

Rhodonite in all it's splendor, raspberry pink, with and without black veining is the main player here. 6mm beads are interrupted only by different Black Onyx beads, faceted and smooth - round and square, big and small as well as vase shaped Sterling Silver beads (handmade in Bali).

Both ends show different adornments, one has a tubular Rhodonite bead and a fabulously rough genuine black Lava Stone drop, the other side showcases a wavey Black Onyx disc, two carved Flower Onyx beads and a tassel of 4 mm Rhodonite beads.

Now - this lariat can be worn in different ways. You can wrapp it twice around the neck and then make a loose knot, you can double it up and put both ends through the loop and you can wear it long of course. This will just look stunning on a black top but will also work great with all sorts of colours.

And - the matching earrings are included. They have sterling silver ear wires and beads.