This page shows some of our charms and gemstones, available for custom orders. Please always contact me for availability as the photos won't be updated if something has sold out.

Gemstone Hearts

1. Gemstone Hearts

Cross Pendants

2. Cross Pendanats and Charms

Matching Couple Pendants

3. Some of our matching couple pendants

Dog Charms

4. Dog Charms and pendants.

Sterling Silver Moon Charms and Pendants

5. Sterling and Crystal Moons

Stainless Steel Heart Pendants

6. Stainless Steel Heart Pendants and Charms

Hamsa Hand Charms and Pendants

7. Hamsa Hand Charms and Pendants

Dog Tag Pendants

8. Dog Tags for Stamping

Copper Moon Pendants

9. Copper Moon Pendants

Travel Themed Charms/Pendants

10. Travel Themed Charms

Cat Pendants, Hand-Cast in Australia

11. Cat Charms and Pendants in Pewter, Made in AU

Motorcycle Charms

12. Motorcycle Charms

Australian Charms/Pendants

13. Australian Animal Charms

Birthstones, Gemstones

14. Birthstones

Hand-cast pewter pendants

15. Large Australian Pewter Pendants

Whistle Pendants

16. Fully functioning whistles

Wire wrapped short red earrings

17. Wire wrapped red drop earrings

pink amethyst, citrine, purple amethyst

18. Ametrine, citrine and purple amethyst.

Stainless Steel Hypo Allergenic Ear Wires

19. Stainless steel, hypo allergenic ear wires.

Octopus Charms

20. Octopus Charms

Hand Gun Charms

21. Hand gun charms

Brass Pendants for Stampin

22. Solid brass pendants for stamping.

Silver Tone Tree Pendants

23. Silver tone tree pendants.

Bronze Tone Tree Pendant

24. Antique bronze tree pendants.

Brass Bird Pendants

25. Solid brass bird pendants.

Solid Brass Butterfly Pendants

26. Solid brass butterfly pendants.

Large Acrylic Drop Beads

27. Large acrylic drops.

Guardian Angel Medal Pendant

28. Guardian angel pendants.

Flat Czech Glass Drops, 16x11mm

29. Czech glass drops, 16x11mm

Faceted Glass Drops, 18mm

30. Large faceted glass drops, 18mm

Square Czech Glass Drops, short, 18mm

31. Square glass drops.

More Silver Tone Tree Pendants

32. Silver tone tree pendants

Faceted Glass Drops, 15mm

33. Faceted glass drops, 15mm

XL Tree Pendants

34. XL Tree Pendants

Cubic Zirconia Colours

35. Cubic Zirconia Drops.

Tool Charms

36. Tool Charms

3D Czech Glass Teardrops, 14x10mm

37. Czech glass teardrop beads, 14x10mm

Charms/Pendants in Playing Card Suits

38. Card suit charms

Moon with Star Pendants

39. Moon with star pendants and charms.

Guitar Picks in different Metals

40. Guitar pick pendants for stamping.

Monogram Font, large

41. Large monogram font

Normal size fonts

42. Other fonts

Special Characters for Stamping

43. Other specialty stamps

Hobby Themed Charms

44. Hobby themed pendants/charms

Sport Themed Charms

45. Sports themed charms

Silver Moon Pendants

46. Silver moon pendants and charms

Blue Lace Agate, Citrine, Strawberry Quartz, Lapis Lazuli

47. Blue lace agate, strawberry quartz, citrine and lapis lazuli

Stainless Steel Chain Models

48. Stainless steel chains

Faceted Glass Drops, 15mm

49. Faceted glass drops

Acrylic Heart Pendants

50. Acrylic heart pendants

Acrylic Flowers, 22mm

51. Lucite flowers, 22mm large

Gemstone Rondelles

52. Gemstone Rondelles: 8mm, ruby, apatite, rhodochrosite, phosphosiderite, onyx, lapis lazuli, tiger's eye

Solid Brass Blanks for Stamping

53. Solid Brass Blanks for Stamping

Brass Dragonfly Pendants

54. Brass Dragonfly Pendants

Brass Pendants

55. Brass Pendants

56. Brass pendants

Brass Bangle for Stamping

57. Brass Bangle for Stamping

Copper Cuffs for Stamping

58. Copper Cuffs for Stamping

Copper Pendants for Stamping

59. Copper Pendants for Stamping

Stainless Steel Blanks for Stamping

60. Stainless Steel Blanks for Stamping

Opal Beads

61. Opal Beads


62. Fluorite

Lemon and Smokey Quartz

63. Lemon and Smokey Quartz

Amethyst, Jasper and Aventurine Star Beads

64. Amethyst, Jasper and Aventurine Star Beads

Gemstones for Jewellery

65. Chrysoprase, amethyst, Russian serpentine, honey quarta, carnelian

66. Blue topaz, lemon quartz, mystic pink quartz, pink quartz, carnelian

Australian Jasper

67. Mookaite, Australian Jasper

Carved Gemstone

68. Prasiolite (Green Amethyst), Rose Quartz (top), Smokey quartz (bottom), prasiolite

69. Gemstone nuggets

70. Carved lemon quartz, faceted ruby, black agate with stripes

Blue Coral

71. Blue coral

Golden Coral

72. Golden Coral

Branch Coral

73. Branch Coral (natural, dyed)

Gemstone nuggets

74. Gemstone nuggets: smokey quartz, lemon quartz, amethyst, prehnite, lemon quartz, labradorite

gemstone drops

75. lemon quartz, rose quartz, mystic blue quartz, citrine, garnet

76. rose quartz, garnet, citrine, amethyst, lemon quartz

77. tourmaline, moonstone, amethyst, peridot, ruby

Garnet Drops

78. faceted garnet drops


79. amethyst

aquamarine drops (beryl)

80. Beryl (aquamarine)

81. Emerald drops


82. Ruby drops

Peridot drops

83. Peridot drops

84. Citrine, amethyst, rose quartz, smokey quartz, pink amehtyst, vesuvianite

Blue sapphire drops

85. Blue sapphire drops

Tourmaline drops

86. Tourmaline drops

Mystic blue quartz

87. Mystic blue quartz drops


88. Faceted sapphire rondelle beads

Ruby and Pearls

89. Faceted ruby and white freshwater pearls

12 05 19_6823.jpg

90. Garnet Tourmaline, rutilated quartz, apatite, ruby

Apatite in different colours

91. Apatite, natural colours


92. Rose quartz, Lapis Lazuli, rhodochrosite, charoite, lava rock


93. from the left: agate, chalcedony, fluorite, carnelian, aventurine, opal drops

Brass chains

94. Copper and brass chains

95. Vessonite, sapphire drops, smokey quartz cubes, lemon chartz, amethyst

96. Smokey Lemon quartz, mystic blue quartz, large ruby drops, peridot, labradorite

97. Pink amethyst, cat's eye chrysoberyl, chrysoprase, tourmalinated quartz, aquamarine, peridot


98. Labradorite beads


99. Rhodochrosite

Sapphire drops

100. Sapphire drops


101. Quartz and mystic grey quartz


102. Carnelian

103. Chrome Diopside


104. Citrine

Cubic Zirconia

105. Genuine cubic zirconia

106. Genuine emerald

107. Imperial Topaz

108. Kyanite

Rhodochrosite Beads

109. Rhodochrosite beads


110. Citrine, champagne citrine, madeira citrine

111. Rock quartz

112. Tourmaline, xxx, grey moonstone, snow quartz

Rose quartz beads

113. Rose Quartz

114. Rhodochrosite, biwa pearls, citrine, amethyst, lemon quartz, prehnite

115. Green onyx, prehnite, coloured jade, faceted rock quartz, sapphire

Red gemstones

116. Pink sapphire, red cubic zirconia, tourmaline, garnet, carnelian

117. Carved amethyst (top), rainbow moonstone, rhodochrosite

Blue topaz

118. Blue topaz drops

119. Topaz in different colours

120. Amethyst, lemon quartz, rhodochrosite, pink sapphire iolite

Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl

121. Cat's eye chrysoberyl



Chalcedony beads

123. Chalcedony drops

124. Solid brass pendants, speech bubbles

playing card suits pendants

125. playing card suits, pendants

126. Coral colours: top to bottom: oxblood, white, salmon, angel skin


127. Aragonite


128. Larivikite


129. Aventurine, green and peach

130. more charms

131. charms for small couple initial necklaces

132. Matching circular pendants

133. Amethyst

134. Acrylic drops

Australian charms and pendants

135. Australian charms and pendants



Ocean jewellery

138. Ocean themed charm jewelry


139. Azurite beads

Solitaire necklaces

140. top: labradorite, left: chalcedony, iolite, citirne, pink chalcedony, kyanite, amethyst, pink amethyst

Motorcycle Gremlin Bells

141. Gremlin or Guardian Bells

Brilliant Cut Cubic Zirconia, 2ct, 8mm diameter

Brilliant Cut Cubic Zirconia, 2ct, 8mm diameter