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These handmade little stud earrings are just what you need if your job doesn't allow for big earrings, if you have small children who try to grab everything or simply to complement your larger copper or mixed metal earrings if you have two or more piercings.

They are handmade, tumble polished and fitted with stainless steel or clear rubber ear nuts. Let me know if you prefer the rubber variety, otherwise they will come with the stainless steel version.

The dot measures around 2.3 mm. Let me know if you want the dots to be on the smaller side as I always have some of those available as well. The dots are organic in shape and texture due to the handmade nature of these ear studs. Each dot is different. Copper will tarnish over time just like sterling silver or brass does. It can be easily cleaned or left to take on a lovely old world look

What goes into making the cute little copper dot stud earrings:

I start with a length of solid copper wire. With a jeweller's torch, I melt one end into a little ball and cut the finished earring into the right length. The earring then has to go into an acid bath, to remove the black fire scale (oxidization) it has picked up due to the heat. After the acid treatment it needs to get rinsed and then I file the thin end into a rounded shape so that you don't injure your ears when putting it in. After I have done that, the earring goes into a rotary tumbler where it is being moved around together with stainless steel shot, water and dish washing liquid for 2-3 hours. This serves to harden and polish the earring. It is being rinsed again after that, dried and polished with a soft cloth.

Quite a journey for the humble stud earring, but it is handmade, after all.

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