Glass Beads for Jewellery

Swarovski® Beads

1. A genuine Swarovski® bead has precise cuts and facets, regardless of size of the design.
2. The color is consistent for all designs, shape and sizes. Its effects are consistent and could be distinguished from just a naked eye inspection.
3. The crystal contains 32% lead therefore has higher light refraction, that is to say, it has more luster and sparkle than normal glass.
4. It has high degree of clarity when viewed under a magnifying glass, similar to high grade cubic zirconias.
5. It's weight is higher than normal glass or other brands of lead crystal, due to the high lead content.

Czech Glass Beads

Czech Glass beads are one of the oldest types of Czech beads, dating back over 300 years. Pressed glass beads are formed by pressing a heated glass rod into a mold. No other glass bead type displays the breadth of range, nor has ever been produced on such a mass scale as Czech Glass Beads. Preciosa Ornela Traditional Czech Pressed Glass Beads come in many varied and versatile shapes, sizes, styles and vivid colours.

Czech glass beads are known for their high bead-to-bead consistency.