Anniversary Gemstones

PA300005.jpg Traditional Anniversary Gemstones

The following gem stones are associated with specific anniversaries, both wedding and other less formal arrangements. This is one of several anniversary gift lists in existence, but most of them differ in just a few minor details.

The gem stone gift lists originated with the European jewelers' guilds, and this version dates from around 1912.

Many people ignore anniversary gift lists and buy whatever they prefer for a loved one, but others enjoy the fun of following traditions like these. Some of the gems appear on more than one occasion, although the gaps are usually fairly large.

The list is a good starting point for stimulating some excellent gift ideas.

 1st - Gold

 2nd - Garnet

 3rd - Pearl

 4th - Blue Topaz

 5th - Sapphire

 6th - Amethyst

 7th - Onyx

 8th - Tourmaline

 9th - Lapis Lazuli

 10th - Diamond

 11th - Turquoise

 12th - Jade

 13th - Citrine

 14th - Opal

 15th - Ruby

 16th - Peridot

 17th - Watches


 18th - Cat's Eye Chrysoberyl

 19th - Aquamarine

 20th - Emerald

 21th - Iolite

 22nd - Spinel

 23rd - Topaz

 24th - Tanzanite

 25th - Silver Jubilee

 30th - Pearl Jubilee

 35th - Emerald

 40th - Ruby

 45th - Sapphire

 50th - Golden Jubilee

 55th - Alexandrite

 60th - Diamond Jubilee

 65th - Blue Spinel

 75th - Diamond

 80th - Ruby Jubilee