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Gorgeous large pearls.

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For a different take on pearl earrings, yet still a classic design, these earrings sport large genuine Keishi pearls, wire wrapped to simple gold filled French ear wires.

The pearls measure approx. 15mm in length and 8mm in width. Being an organic gemstone that was formed by nature, they are not identical, but I have selected two pearls that are similar in shape. The difference is not as noticeable when they are worn on the ears.

All metal is 1/40 14K gold filled and the earrings measure 35mm in length.

They will come with clear rubber stoppers to prevent loss.

"Keishi pearls can be formed by all types of pearl-growing oysters and molluscs. A keishi pearl forms when the host mollusc rejects the implant or nucleus, and expels the irritant from the pearl sac. A pearl then forms outside the pearl sac. This "reject" pearl is usually a very highly lustrous pearl, often displaying orient, and is comprised of 100% nacre"

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