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Custom Orders

How does the custom order process work:

Simple Custom Work

Some of my listings (mainly initial  or couple necklaces) only require for the name/initial to be left in the ' note to seller' during checkout. 

■ For customisation of existing items, please contact me BEFORE purchase to discuss availability and price. ■

The following work will be set up as a custom order (work will start once the order is purchased. Most custom orders take 2-3 days)

    • change the length of necklaces/bracelets
    • change gemstones, clasps or ear fittings
    • use a different metal 

Complex custom work

If the custom work is more elaborate (completely new design), the order is broken down into two listings.

  1. The first one is a non-refundable advance design deposit of 60% of the agreed price, put up as a custom order, detailing the design specifics of the jewellery.
  2. Once the work is completed, I put up the part 2 listing for the remaining 40%, this time complete with 2-3 photos of the finished piece.

After seeing the photos, the customer is given a chance to request one revision.

If an order is not placed within a 1 week period after completing the design, the deposit will be lost and the item will be offered to the general public for sale.

● Please kindly note that custom-worked pieces are not returnable.

● Discount coupons (including free shipping) do not apply to custom orders.

● If you require customisation of a 'sale' item, the price will revert to the original price.

● Pricing for custom jobs will be 10-25% higher than my regular store prices

due to extra efforts (additional photos and emails) and individual attention required for the process. 

● Please understand that I do not provide photos of my stone/parts inventory on request.

I have a very large inventory and it is much too time-consuming to help my customers pick through them via photos.

To get an idea of what I might have, please look through my current listings and the 'sold item gallery'.

Please also check the following page which shows some of my charms/gemstones.