Chakra Earrings with Gemstones


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These classic linear earrings are set with gemstones in the seven chakras with another rock quartz drop dangling below the gems.

Total length of the earrings is 7cm.

All metal is solid copper.

Check out the matching bracelet here.

The seven Chakras and their gemstones:

1 - Red Garnet - (Survival, Instinct, Security, Grounding)

2 - Carnelian - (Emotions, Intimacy)

3 - Lemon Jade - (Energy, Vitality, Power)

4 - Aventurine - (Love, Hope, Compassion)

5 - Sodalite - (Communication, Creativity, Healing)

6 - Amethyst - (Intuition, Psychic)

7 - Clear Quartz (Wisdom and Understanding).

For more information about the chakras please visit our Chakra Colours Information Page.

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